Welcome to the The Canton of Petrea Thule

Petrea Thule is the branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism for Central Ontario and the Kawartha Highlands and is based in Peterborough, Ontario. We are located in the Barony of Septentria, in the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

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The SCA is an international non-profit educational organization dedicated to researching and re–creating pre–17th century European history. Upon these pages you will find information about the SCA, Life in the Current Middle Ages, and about what we do. Medieval combat, archery, clothing, dancing, feasting, and so much more awaits you!

What is the Society of Creative Anachronism? Quite simply, it's lots of things! One of the best ways to find out what we do is to come out to our meetings or practices! The meetings are a great way to find out what is going on in the Canton and how, if you like, can get involved with it. You don't need to be a member to come out either, everyone is welcome. Our practices, for archery and our martial activities (of heavy armoured and rapier combat) are fun for the whole family too.

Would you like to find out more information about the Society of Creative Anachronism? Contact our local president by email.

News and Activities

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The Canton meetings are generally on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month starting at 7:30pm in Wallis Hall of Traill College on Trent University's downtown campus from September to May. Currently, we are meeting in Room 102. The meetings run from 7:30pm through 9:30pm and are casual and informal. Parking is available on the street and parking lot on the south side of London Street. Campus Security does monitor the lot so please park accordingly. SCA memberships (or funny medieval clothing!) are not needed, just come out and spend some time with us!

Armoured combat practices are held, marshalls permitting, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month starting at approximately 7:00pm at St. Anne's Elementary School. During the summer months, we will often hold our combat practices outdoors at parks located in and around Peterborough. Please see the Practices for more specific information.

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